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What is 11 Free?

At Designer Nails we want to bring you the safest top quality products. 

That's why we have done our research and are proud to say our Designer Nails Gel Polish (black bottle range) is proudly 11 Free.

What is 11 Free? 

#1 HEMA 

According to the British Association of Dermatologists (BOD), HEMA is the # 1 allergen product in nail products and cosmetics.

Commonly known as Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate, these are monomers which are used to polymerise UV gels. 

The molecular size of HEMA is however much smaller and can be more easily absorbed into the skin.


Hydroxypropyl methacrylate (2-HPMA), which is also called hydroxypropyl methacrylate (HPMA) is classified as the second most common nail product allergen

It is frequently used by some brands as an alternative to HEMA and in HEMA-free acrylic liquid.

Those who change to HEMA-free monomer because they already had an allergy to HEMA, will usually develop an allergy to HPMA as well.

#3 Formaldehyde 

used as a preservative in cosmetics. A known carcinogen that is also linked to asthma, neurotoxicity, and developmental toxicity.

#4 Toluene 

A solvent used in polish to help it dry quickly.

Health concerns associated with excessive exposure to this ingredient may include nervous system impairment and kidney, liver, and reproductive effects.

#5 Phthalates (DBP, DEHP, DEP and others) 

A class of plasticizing chemicals used to make products more pliable. 

Phthalates are a respiratory irritant.

They pose the most hazard to nail technicians who may become exposed to large amounts.

#6 Camphor 

A fragrant resin which is still included in many nail products.

It can cause headaches, nausea and dizziness in high amounts.

#7 Formaldehyde Resin 

can release formaldehyde; 

The short-term effects of formaldehyde exposure include respiratory and skin irritation. 

Long-term exposure is suspected to cause cancer.

#8 Ethyl Tosylamide 

Banned from use in cosmetics by the European Commission but is still used in the United States. This ingredient is suspected of causing developmental and reproductive toxicity.

#9 Xylene

When exposed to high concentrations in the air, It can cause central nervous system depression and headaches.

#10 Parabens 

Are a common preservative but are a suspected endocrine disruptor.

#11 TPHP (Triphenyl phosphate) 

Is a plasticizer, as well as a fire retardant, and studies have linked it to changes in normal hormone function.

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